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Dimanche 23 Juin 2013

Christian Identity amid Islam in Medieval Spain (C.L.TIESZEN)

Christian Identity amid Islam in Medieval Spain (C.L.TIESZEN)

Publication :  2013
Pages :  296 p
Éditions : BRILL
Langue : Anglais
ISBN13: 9789004191082

Christian Identity amid Islam in Medieval Spain
By Charles L. Tieszen, University of Birmingham
In Christian Identity amid Islam in Medieval Spain Charles L. Tieszen explores a small corpus of texts from medieval Spain in an effort to deduce how their authors defined their religious identity in light of Islam, and in turn, how they hoped their readers would distinguish themselves from the Muslims in their midst. It is argued that the use of reflected self-image as a tool for interpreting Christian anti-Muslim polemic allows such texts to be read for the self-image of their authors instead of the image of just those they attacked. As such, polemic becomes a set of borders authors offered to their communities, helping them to successfully navigate inter-religious living.

Charles L. Tieszen, Ph.D. (2010), University of Birmingham, is a freelance researcher and specialist in interfaith relations. He has published on the history and theology of Christian-Muslim encounter.

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