Les cahiers de l'Islam
Les cahiers de l'Islam

Les cahiers de l'Islam

Depuis que je suis né (Documentaire)
Un film de Laura Delle Piane

Entre colonies et mur de séparation, l'air et l'espace manquent aux réfugiés du camp de Dheisheh, en Cisjordanie. Tamer, 11 ans, rêve de libérer son pays mais aussi, plus secrètement, de voir la mer à seulement 30 kilomètres du camp et pourtant inaccessible. Ancien résistant, Nader veut réaliser le rêve de son enfant et décide d'accomplir avec lui une échappée vers la mer. Là où l'occupation ne devient qu'un souvenir.
Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs-Occupied Palestinian Territory (OCHA-oPt.)
The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) is a United Nations body formed in December 1991 by General Assembly Resolution 46/182. The resolution was designed to strengthen the UN's response to complex emergencies and natural disasters by creating the Department of Humanitarian Affairs (DHA), and replacing the Office of the United Nations Disaster Relief Coordinator, which had been formed in 1972. In 1998, due to reorganisation, DHA merged into the OCHA and was designed to be the UN focal point on major disasters. Its mandate was also expanded to include the coordination of humanitarian response, policy development and humanitarian advocacy. It is a sitting observer of the United Nations Development Group.
In 2012 OCHA will continue to play a critical role in coordination, coupled with a key focus on advocacy and analysis, to improve Palestinians’ lives and livelihoods. This will include working towards improving the freedom of movement, and addressing access and forced-displacement issues.
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