Les cahiers de l'Islam
Les cahiers de l'Islam

Les cahiers de l'Islam

Instituts et Universités islamiques

Université islamique de Médine
L'Université islamique de Médine est une institution islamique mondiale basée en Arabie saoudite. Elle identifie ses objectifs comme suit :
*Rapporter le message éternel de l'Islam au monde à travers la sensibilisation islamique, l'enseignement universitaire et post universitaire.
*Inculquer et développer l'esprit islamique, et approfondir la vie religieuse de l'individu et celle la société, basées sur la sincérité dans l'adoration de Dieu et le suivi du Messager de Dieu...
Zaytuna College (USA)
Since its founding by Hamza Yusuf in 1996, Zaytuna has been attempting to address these issues through a variety of educational programs. Zaytuna’s 
vision has always been to create a lasting institution of higher learning. To that end, we launched a pilot seminary program in 2004 that graduated five students in 2008. Based on our experience with the pilot program, we are moving forward with our plans to establish the first accredited Muslim college in the United States. Zaytuna College will function at a level comparable to the best of religious seminaries and general institutions of higher education in the United States. We have carefully designed a rigorous curriculum in Islamic Studies and Arabic, as well as in the humanities and social sciences, so our students can confidently navigate the cultural, political, and intellectual currents that are shaping our world.
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