Les cahiers de l'Islam
Les cahiers de l'Islam

Les cahiers de l'Islam

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 Department of Arabic and Islamic Studies (University of Sydney)
The Department of Arabic and Islamic Studies at the University of Sydney has an established program which offers a well-integrated curriculum at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, combining units of study on Arabic language and literature (ARBC) with units on Islam and the societies, cultures and politics of the modern Arab world and the Middle East (ARIS).

Whether you are interested in learning Arabic for basic communication skills, or in order to use it effectively in business, education, law, health, media, translation or community work, we have appropriate Arabic courses for beginners as well as for post-HSC Arabic students. Any student can take units on the Arab world, Islam and the Middle East (tuition in these ARIS units is conducted in English). Combining ARBC and ARIS units will give students a strong foundation of expert knowledge of the language, history, politics, society and culture of the Arab world and Islam, and of the Middle East as an important region in the modern world.
Veiled Ambition (Ambition voilée)
Documentaire, Réalisation : Celeste Geer, 2006, Australia, Durée 26 mn

Une femme nommée Frida ouvre une boutique de vêtements de mode pour les femmes musulmanes à Melbourne, près de la Sydney Road. Le documentaire suit Frida et la façon où elle développe son activité à Melbourne tout en jonglant entre son mari, sa maison à Sydney et sa grossesse.