Les cahiers de l'Islam
Les cahiers de l'Islam

Les cahiers de l'Islam

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The Abbasi Program in Islamic Studies (Stanford University)
The Sohaib and Sara Abbasi Program in Islamic Studies is the central forum for interdisciplinary research and teaching in Islamic Studies at Stanford University. It facilitates and promotes the study of Islamic cultures and societies, including the history of Islam from its beginnings to the twenty-first century, systematic study of Islamic social contexts, the religion
The American Journal of Islamic Social Sciences (AJISS)
The American Journal of Islamic Social Sciences (AJISS) is AMSS’s and the International Institute of Islamic Thought’s (IIIT) flagship quarterly refereed journal which has been published jointly since 1984. AJISS is a channel through which articles by Muslim intellectuals examine the issues and concerns that shape the current debate on Islam, Muslim life, and society. This highly reputed journal, circulated in over fifty countries, serves as a reference by scholars from Western academia and the Muslim world. The journal is listed in such academic indexes as the International Bibliography of the Social Sciences, ProQuest Dissertations & Theses, PQDT, (formerly U.M.I.), Religion Index One, Public Affairs Information Service, and Sociological Abstracts. AJISS includes articles, book reviews, conference reports, and abstracts of doctoral dissertations, by Muslim and non-Muslim scholars that highlight issues of Islamic thought and Muslim society. The book review section has become one of the journal’s most popular sections. Due to the quality of its reviews, AJISS receives “first-time” published books for review from such notable publishing companies as Brill, Oxford University Press, Princeton University Press, and Harvard Press. Some of the scholars on AJISS’ distinguished international advisory board are Dr. John L. Esposito (Georgetown University), Dr. Akbar Ahmed (American University), and Dr. Seyyed Hossein Nasr (George Washington University), Dr. Khaled Blankenship (Temple University), Dr. Louis J. Cantori (University of Maryland), Dr. Ali A. Mazrui (State University of New York, Binghamton), Dr. Abdulwahab M. Elmessiri (Ain Shams University, Egypt), Dr. Ahmad Davutoglu (Turkey), Dr. Zafar Ishaq Ansari (International Islamic University, Pakistan), and Dr. Khurshid Ahmad (Institute of Policy Studies, Pakistan). For additional information contact editor@iiit.org or ajissadmin@gmail.com To subscribe to AJISS, please visit www.ajiss.net
The World Islamic Sciences and Education University (WISE) of Jordan
تهدف الجامعة إلى تزويد العالمين العربي والإسلامي بمختصين قادرين على إبراز الصورة المشرقة للإسلام والمسلمين في كل ما يتصل بالعقيدة والشريعة والعلوم والفكر والحضارة

.والفنون والعمارة الإسلامية اسهاما منها في المشروع الحضاري الإسلامي
« Revue académique Les cahiers de l’Islam »
La « Revue académique Les cahiers de l’Islam » est une revue francophone de recherche en sciences humaines. Elle accueille des travaux menés dans divers domaines reliés au « fait » Musulman.
Elle dispose d'un comité de rédaction et d'un comité de lecture scientifique.
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